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Introduction of 13 Reasons Why (Season 1)

Hello everyone. Have you already seen Netflix Original Series called 13 Reasons Why? Well, if you had not watch it, I recommend you all to watch it for good reasons. I really like this series because there is 13 reasons why I won't stop to watch it.

But I think not everyone else agree with me right? Okay this is an introduction about an awesome series that I had just finish watch at home.

What is 13 Reasons Why?
It is one of Netflix Original series which is premiere on 31 March 2017. This series tells us about Hannah Baker, the girl who killed herself (we call it suicide) and left her unfinished business level in her world to the creepy things that you can imagine. (No, she is not being a ghost), she left some tapes to her friends so they can hear the reason why Hannah Baker decide to killing herself.

Wait, I see a poster and what I see is a boy. Who is that boy? Is he Hannah Baker?
Nah. Nope. As i told you Hannah Baker is a girl. You can see it reflect on the other side in the poster. The boy called Clay Jensen. He is the one who listening to Hannah's creepy tapes and gladly this series will begin from his perspective and Hannah's. Later if you watch the series you will know what is his part in this series.

Umm okay. Why There is 13 reasons? Why not less or not more? Is it because 13 is a bad sign number?
Well... There is no bad number dude. It just a title that the writer write to make people curious about the book. Yeah you should buy the book to so you can compare the book and the series to know which is better version to you. By the way the writer is a man named Jay Asher. I should do applause to him because he really did a great work there. Ah okay serious back to content. Why 13? because Hannah will  told us about thirteen bad things that happen in her life. But when i watch it, maybe more than 13 reasons to commit a suicide because Hannah's life really contain a big drama and if that things happen to me, I don't know what should I do too.

Okay can you gimme some clue about all characters in this series?
YES ABSOLUTELY YES IF YOU WANT SOME SPOILERS! But I don't want ruin the show so you could just try to watch the series. Because it's an introduction, I won't tell anything about other characters but you can read my next post and I will tell you (if you are just so lazy to watch so you can read the story from my post) (but still I recommend you to watch and read my reviews about it). The things that I can give to you is mostly all characters are high school students, parents, and teachers, and also some strangers.

Is it okay to children watch this series?
If you mean children is a teenager who still act like a child well maybe yeah. But if you mean children under 13, it should be parental guidance! The series contain of some brutality, sexually assault, alcoholic, weed, and you want a child watch this?! Yes of course they can but only if they get permitted by their parents and had parents watch shows together. Because children are un-grown up teenager which I hope they would not be one of the character when they grown up. They need to learn what is good and bad for them.

So, is it good for parents to watch it?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Parents need to know that teenager maybe experience those kind of situation. Getting bullied or be the bully. Be the bad one or be the victim one. Parents need to check their children behavior so they can recognize signs when something happen to children's life and need your help. Some children not really open with their parents. So parents need to always support their children in any kind of situation.

Well this is the end of the beginning. See you in my next post about 13 Reasons Why Tapes 1 Side A ! Okay I'll give you a clue. The first episode is about a boy-her classmates-her first kiss.

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